• foundry


    Sodium Bentonite is widely used as a foundry – sand binder in iron and steel foundries. It has high Montmorillonite content and when wet activated, Bentonite is suitable for greensand applications…

  • Oil and Gas well drilling

    Oil/Gas Well Drilling

    Sodium Bentonite Clay is most commonly known for its use as a major component of drilling mud, particularly for Oil/Gas wells. When exposed to water, Bentonite, characteristic of all clays, swells considerably…

  • Iron ore pelletization

    Iron Ore Pelletization

    Sodium Bentonite works as Binders improve pellet green strength in the production of iron ore concentrate pellets and it has greater water plate absorption along with superior Thermal Stability…

  • cat litter

    Cat Litter

    Selected high quality Natural clay helps to do strong hard Clumping and it’s Crystalline porous structure of Volcanic Clays absorbs excess liquid…
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  • pellets and chips


    Bentonite Chips/Pellets are made of Premium high Swelling Natural Sodium Bentonite. These form a flexCoible, permanent, non-toxic seal where water flows and hydrostatic pressures are involved…

  • animal feed additive

    Animal Feed Additive

    Sodium bentonite is a highly swelling natural clay, available as a fine powder and granular form. Sodium bentonite is used in stock feed for its benefits of high water absorption, cation exchange ability and organic….

  • construction and piling


    Premium Quality Sodium Bentonite which is superbly adaptable to requirement of conventional Piling, Diaphragm Walling, pipe-jacking, tunneling or drilling and similar technologies…

  • bentonite and coal-dust premix


    BentonCarbon is blend of Premium Quality Bentonite and Coal dust additives selected to suit individual foundries requirements….

  • paper and pulp industry

    Paper Industry

    Sodium Bentonite – Paper Grade is basically a highly pure Sodium Montmorillonite having higher cation exchange capacity…

  • earthing


    Premium Quality Sodium Bentonite is a moisture retaining clay used as an earth electrode back-fill to help lower soil resistivity…