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Salt Water Viscosifier

Specially formulated Premium quality Sodium Bentonite designed for off-shore and remote on-shore drilling locations where fresh make-up water is not available and where traditional drilling fluid does not work. Even it does not require pre-hydration of Bentonite with fresh water. It hydrates in salt/sea water or hard water and in fresh water and provides superior filtration control, viscosity and stability.


  • Does not require Pre-hydration of Bentonite in freshwater.
  • Works well with fresh water, hard water, brackish water, saline water, brine water or sea water.
  • Transports drill cuttings to the surface of the well.
  • Maintains bore hole stability.
  • Lubricates the bit and drill string.
  • Gives optimum Viscosity to carry away the cuttings while drilling is in progress, and to prevent the well from caving.

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