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Micro Tunneling

Our product is selectively mined and specially engineered for various trenchless applications like Micro tunneling, Pipe Jacking and Thrust Boring. It works great as a ground support and lubricating medium around jacked pipes.

We are able to offer various Sodium Bentonite and Viscosifier premix for different type of soil that maintain the stability of the working face and as a side slurry.


  • Reduces friction between pipe and soil.
  • Prevent ground collapsing into the annulus and causing settlement.
  • Provides lubrication.
  • Helps to develop a layer of filter-cake on the micro-tunnel front acting as a membrane and inhibiting diffusion of the suspension into ground.
  • Reduces the jacking force.
  • Transports the excavated material from the face.
  • Improves the flow of excavated material through the head chamber.

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