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feedelementTM – Bentonite Animal Feed Additive

Our Sodium Bentonite is a highly swelling natural clay,that makes it perfactly sutable for livestock feed additives for its various benefits such as high water absorption, cation exchange ability and adsorption of Mycotoxins.

It improves pellets quality ,prevents caking and flowability in livestock feeds. It also improve feed efficiency, rate of gain, milk production, wool growth and egg production.It also can be used as a adsorbing agent for Mycotoxins such as aflatoxin – B1. Addition of Sodium Bentonite as mycotoxin binder to contaminated feed is a safe approach to counteracting the harmful effects of mycotoxins to livestock. Mycotoxin contaminated diet consumption by livestock leads to acute mycotoxicosis with several chronic adverse effects. Use of Bentonite in feed prevents effects of radionuclides and also helps to cure bacterial infection such as salmonella in animal body.


  • It is a three layer clay minerals and has the ability to absorb mycotoxin such as aflatoxin – B1.
  • Works as anticaking agent and improves pellets quality.
  • We are taking all precautions to avoid Dioxin in product.
  • Scour prevention.
  • It enhances rate of assimilation of proteins and also helps in milk output.
  • Inactivation of some dietary toxins.
  • Reduction in risk of urea poisoning.
  • Reduced incidence of acidosis in feedlots. Improving the adaption to grain feeding.

Direction For Use

Bentonite can be included in feed for all animals, but the recommended levels would vary.

2% – 4% in starter rations;
1% – 2% in finisher rations.

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