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Premium Quality Sodium Bentonite which is superbly adaptable to requirement of conventional Piling, Diaphragm Walling, pipe-jacking, tunneling or drilling and similar technologies. Having a yield of 110 bbl/sht, this product is designed to hold the soil well and result in minimal wall collapse. Also used as non-polymer based face slurry.

When drilling through loose soil or very soft clay below the water table, special Bentonite slurries are used to stabilise the borehole walls. It has wide range of Civil engineering applications.


  • It is very easy mixing to achieve maximum viscosity during preparation.
  • The slurry is designed to deposit thin low permeability filter cake, ensuring low fluid loss and high stability.
  • It would produce thixotropic gel.
  • It is very much suitable for most kinds of soil surface.

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