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Elements Zero Defect Binder™

“elements – Zero Defect – binder” is made from selected very RICH Premium Bentonite Clay which has very high Wet tensile strength and higher Montmorillonite clay content with excellent Green compression strength.


  • High Monmorillonite content and high Thermal stability would help to overcome Explosive Penetration flaw and reduces risk of Erosion.
  • Minimal Gelling time enhances the capacity of Sand plant.
  • High Swelling and Wet Tensile strength helps for exceptional resistance to expansion and hot sand defects.
  • HIGHER DURABILITY of Sodium Bentonite leads to reduced Dead Clay in Sand System. This in turn reduces occurrence of several defects like Blow-Holes, Pin Holes, Sand Fusion and others on castings.
  • Excellent Green Compression Strength and WTS ensure almost zero scab defects.
  • Our Bentonite has characteristics of smooth, quick & uniform dispersal during DRY mixing of sand mix which reduces Binder addition & Sand Mixing/ Mulling Time.

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